sports, friends and social events – Argo has it all!

Argo is a student rowing club, the only place where sports, friendships and the typical Dutch student association life is combined. Rowing is the biggest sport among Dutch students and is characterised by strong team bonds, formed through training and a wide range of social events at the club.

Rowing is easy to learn at every level. At Argo you can compete at national and international levels, or take part in relaxing outings on the Rhine or even the canals of Venice and Paris. Dutch student rowing is more than a sport. We host weekly drinks, dinners, parties and more at our association home. You can develop your talents in a wide range of committes, ranging from DJ’ing at a party to the organisation of a National Championship Regatta.

At Argo, we offer you a trial period from the 2th of September – 13th of October. After this period you will decide how you want to become a member!

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What’s life like at Argo for an International Student?

Swantje – Race-rower

Hey, I’m Swantje. Why did I join Argo as an international? I love doing sport and rowing was just fascinating to me. And now I basically and enjoy every moment of it!

But Argo is so much more than just rowing. Besides the love for a new sport I found my best friends in Wagenignen at Argo. We do not only row together. We also do a lot of other fun stuff, joining the dinners, parties or just grabbing a beer at the bar. My team and all the other friends I made here are the reasons why I feel at home here in Wageningen.

Also international students Argo is a great place to be. You’ll get to know the Dutch student (rowing) culture and will sooner or later pick up some Dutch language (or at least everything that is rowing related).

But most of all, you will make the best out of your time in Wageningen, no matter whether you are a Bachelor or Master student!

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